Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 not our only major problem

If one would listen to Democratic leadership, you would have to answer a resounding “yes”!

COVID-19 was a gift to the Democrats. This disease ravaged the entire world. Prior to this event, the Democrats had nothing to find problematic with the Trump administration. President Donald Trump returned America back from the mediocrity of the prior administration.

We will soon have a coronavirus vaccine and currently have successful treatments to combat this dreaded disease. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing is imperative. No constant Democratic reminders are required.

Joe Biden pronounces he can return America’s soul. America never lost its soul. America is the most caring and giving country in the world. Joe knows this.

Did he protect America when he declined taking out Osama bin Laden? Joe was wrong again. The right decision was made, and the evil bin Laden was successfully eliminated.

Trump returned America from the oblique Obama-Biden years, where unemployment consistently maintained a very high ratio with no hope of de-escalation. Trump made our allied nations pay their fair share of NATO payments. America no longer footed the entire bill. Under Trump, our brave military has returned to their rightful place of greatness. No more unfair rules of engagement, with Americans battling with their hands tied behind their backs. Trump restored the rightful veteran coverages, coverages ignored and neglected by the Obama administration. Trump gets the job done!

Biden has been in public office 47-plus years. In that time, what has he accomplished? He never put forth any bills that demanded social equality. He took negative positions on those he made during that period of injustice. Joe Biden is a traditional politician. He tells you what you want to hear but is not capable of making those promises a reality. Trump gets his message across. Whether you like his style or not, it works. Democrats project their perfect world. These programs are too costly and unattainable. That utopian world they describe cannot be achieved with their unrealistic goals. We will face an American downfall if their plans come to fruition. America will become a socialistic nightmare. Other nations will say, “How the mighty have fallen.” They would be absolutely correct. Biden does not have a clue.

America must not allow this to happen. American greatness must continue and flourish. That “shining city on the hill” must remain that bright beam. That beaming light must never diminish or extinguish.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan