Letter to the Editor: DE Democratic Party needs discipline

We all know that if an errant youth is not reprimanded promptly, he or she will develop bad habits. Likewise, if anyone is not punished for breaking rules, they will continue to do so, and their rule-breaking will become more severe over time. This is where we find ourselves with the Delaware Democratic Party these days — from top to bottom.

Democratic Gov. John Carney took it upon himself to decide which of our citizens’ jobs were relevant. He alone chose who could work and who could not, yet he does not have that power. Gov. Carney and his legislative body also attempted to take away our votes for president by trying to surrender our Electoral College votes to larger states like New York, New Jersey and even California. Thankfully, smart judges stood in their way.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Coons voiced that our citizens should be guilty until proven innocent during hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He and Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester both supported impeachment of the president of the United States, knowing it would fail and be a waste of millions of tax dollars and precious working time of our Congress.

Even before the pandemic, Delaware’s economy was spiraling downward. More Delawareans are living in poverty. We have a higher unemployment rate than the national average, and Carney’s closures are keeping many from going back to work.

We need an effective two-party political system in Delaware. We do not currently have that. We need to apply discipline to our errant Democratic Party officials that have ignored their oath to preserve and protect our Constitution. I suggest that the discipline should be to reject them at the ballot box in November. Vote Republican.

Perhaps then, they will regroup, reexamine their platforms and recruit effective candidates for the next election. Hopefully, they will recruit those not just effective to get elected but effective to serve all Delawareans. This is what Delaware deserves.

Benjamin Cassell