Letter to the Editor: Delaware drivers ‘could do better’

This is a commentary regarding my experience driving around Delaware, particularly Kent County. To qualify these comments I’ll point out I am a senior who once drove a sedan 25 to 30,000 miles a year as part of my work. Never had a moving violation and it’s been 60 years since I had a lone parking ticket.

First, pickup trucks. Now we all know that pickup trucks have their own set of driving laws — comes with the registration. (No, it doesn’t) So watch out for pickup trucks. They often seem to be 30 minutes late for where they need to be.

Delaware drivers have difficulty going around an outside curve without crossing the center line. Is it laziness or lack of driving skills — both perhaps? I dread meeting one of these vehicles headlight-to-headlight.

But maybe the worst I experience almost every day is tailgating. Maybe it’s that little girl who is late for work again up against my rear bumper hoping she’ll make me go faster! Often she’s still doing her hair and/or makeup. Then there’s the soccer moms late for practice. Please, pass me when safe.

You seem to have no concept of distance between vehicles. Sure, you know how to operate the vehicle. You have a driver’s license. That doesn’t make you a good driver. If you hit the car in front of you, you’re guilty by law and there’s a fine in addition to the cost of damage and injury.

Then there’s the drivers coming at me with their head and eyes down undoubtedly looking at their phone. Need I say more? It’s scary sometimes. How often do we all sit at a stoplight that has turned green and wait for the driver in front to finish a text? Don’t you love it?

I suppose the Delaware State Police are doing what they can but there’s an awful lot of speeding going on, especially on Route 13 where I travel frequently. Good luck Delaware drivers. We could all do better.

William B. King