Letter to the Editor: Delaware GOP caved to the left

Once again, the Delaware GOP is saddled with a cowardly chairperson. This time it’s the otherwise talented Hon. Jane Brady who is repeating the mistakes of former chair Mike Harrington, who caused the 2018 debacle for the Delaware Republican Party.

Brady ditched two hard-working party leaders who had the temerity to engage in free speech on social media. Brady should have vigorously defended her leaders and told the leftist crybabies to shove it. Instead, she panicked at the thought of being controversial and attacked her own people, caving into the left who have no room to criticize.

Now the Republicans are a mess again and will have problems recruiting candidates and raising funds. The brand is damaged again. I left the Republicans because of cowardly leadership. Brady needs to resign quick and apologize to all of the people she has hurt.

Scott Walker