Letter to the Editor: Delaware legislators ignoring their oaths by ignoring remonstrance

This is a follow-up to the petition of remonstrance, an extremely rare, history-making document delivered to the legislative bodies in Delaware’s Legislative Hall on Sept. 21, 2020.

Because Delaware’s legislative body has ignored the responsibilities to perform as their oaths of office require, the people of the republic state of Delaware, by law, are mandated to inform the legislative body that they are in violation of the law, and this is also a warning to them of that violation.

Now, on this day of Oct. 13, 2020, this is a public notice of nonresponse/violation warning by the legislative body of the republic state of Delaware, which can and will be considered a dereliction of duty by government officials.

All the people of the republic state of Delaware should be aware that their alleged representatives are not representing the will or instructions of and by the people of the republic state of Delaware and are not representing the people or the due process of law, which is a requirement by their oaths of office.

A maxim of law is that to know a thing and to be bound to know a thing are the equivalent in law. There are no excuses for breaking the law!

The signed Certificate of Service Notice of Non-Response/Violation Warning can be found here.


Bill Sharpe