Letter to the Editor: Delaware state leaders should explain

After listening to the political television advertisements from U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, I feel compelled to address some concerns.

He stated that he secured personal protective equipment for the state of Delaware. Perhaps, he, on paper, requested it from the federal government; however, it was President Donald Trump and his administration who made it actually come to fruition. He stated he “saved Obamacare.” But President Trump and his administration removed the federal mandate that was extremely costly to all Americans. Can Sen. Coons comment on those still without health care due to Obamacare? Of course, that is not mentioned by him or the Democrats. Nor is the fact that those in Congress are able to opt out of Obamacare that was shoved down the people’s throats.

Finally, I wrote to Gov. John Carney, Sen. Coons, Sen. Tom Carper and Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester in July 2020, regarding defunding Planned Parenthood for allegedly selling baby body parts. Without reading my concerns, the Delaware state leaders’ respective offices (with the exception of the governor who never responded) sent me their generic reply about how Planned Parenthood provides preventive medical services for women. Not one addressed my concerns. They all stated that they would continue to support Planned Parenthood. Who is not sickened by this?

Patricia Stamidis