Letter to the Editor: Delaware’s anemic economy

The latest report from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia shows that our state’s economy will likely contract within the next six months.

Here are a few ideas for Delaware’s elites to ponder. First, we must markedly reduce the footprint of government upon the state’s economic landscape. How? By an orderly process of deconstruction and devolution.

In education, this means returning decision making to local school boards. Plus reduction of number of school districts with their duplicative managements to five in New Castle plus two each in Kent and Sussex. In medical care, this means ending the state’s role in maintaining cycles of dependency. This means that individuals, their families and their churches take on the full burdens of often frivolous medical care.

We need to impose zero-based budget procedures such that only state services that reach at least 50 percent of our population receive revenue-supported funding. The remaining programs such as DNREC’s Parks can be turned over to any of a plethora of foundations.

In transportation, we need to move to private firms to design, build and operate highways. With its pinch-penny and pinch-minded approach to our transportation system, DelDOT will never pull our state into the 21st century. Only by becoming The Smart State rather than The Wannabe State will Delaware be in a position to attract the new global employment generators eager to locate or expand in the U.S.

Rhodes Vessels