Letter to the Editor: Democrats should take their ball and go home

George Roof, citizen of Magnolia, was certainly entitled to attack what I wrote about President Trump in my recent political column (although he thinks I take my lead from “Saul Alinsky,” when, in truth, I barely know who that is and have no idea what he espouses).

But when he described my credentials this way — “Dick Polman’s only claim to fame comes from a liberal blog and his claim to have been ‘hooked on journalism’ since childhood — he either purposely deceived the readers or neglected to do basic homework.

So, just to correct the record, which is readily available online: My “claim to fame” is that I covered national politics, as chief reporter in the field and later as the chief columnist, for 24 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer — from 1988 to 2012. (Mr. Roof told the readers that I never worked in journalism.) I then wrote five political columns a week for nine years at WHYY, the public media outlet in Philadelphia. (Mr. Roof referred to it as “a taxpayer-funded television network,” when, in truth, as anyone who does basic homework knows, the NPR/PBS outlets receive roughly two percent of their funding from the taxpayer).

So while I welcome entertaining dissent from people like Mr. Roof, I do draw the line at the propagation of fake news about myself.

Dick Polman