Letter to the Editor: Documentary brings the plastic problem home

The Surfrider Foundation’s Delaware chapter has worked hard to protect our coast from two modern pollution threats. One is offshore oil drilling, and, along with many national and local partners, we have successfully fought that bad idea for years.

The other is plastic pollution, which is increasingly fouling our beaches, while threatening marine life and our communities. Most plastic pollution is from unneeded, single-use packaging. Our beach cleanups remove it, and our advocacy against single-use plastic items helps stop it at the source.

These two issues are brought together beautifully (or frighteningly) in a new documentary called “The Story of Plastic.” The discarded plastic we find upon our ocean, waves and beaches is really only the end of the story. The extraction, transportation and refining of fossil fuels to make plastics is the rest of the destructive tale of our super-convenient, throwaway lifestyle.

The Delaware chapter and other local Surfrider chapters are showing the film and hosting a virtual panel discussion afterward. The discussion is Thursday at 8 p.m. Details to view the film are on the chapter’s website, https://tinyurl.com/ycgbf94t. We hope you will join us for the film, the discussion and the fight for cleaner Delaware beaches.

John Weber
Mid-Atlantic regional manager, Surfrider Foundation
Bradley Beach, N.J.