Letter to the Editor: Don’t let fear be used to sway the vote

I received my “request for vote-by-mail ballot.” I didn’t ask for the request, nor was I ever asked what I thought about changing how I vote.

To appreciate what this document represents, you have to carefully read and understand the instruction page, as the form is asking you to either request a ballot to vote by mail or request an absentee ballot. In Delaware, this is a monumental change to how we’ve conducted elections in the past.

The first thing you notice on the instruction page is the red box on the top right-hand side. The caveat there states that “if you have already requested an absentee ballot or a vote by mail ballot for the general election, (as of 8/25/2020) you do not need to request a vote by mail ballot.” How many times is the Department of Elections sending ballot requests to people? It’s obviously more than once. How many of these documents will be harvested to collect real ballots for use, if necessary?

The argument for flooding the system with mail-in ballots was that COVID-19 was going to prevent large numbers of individuals from casting a ballot in person. If you choose not to vote in person, they are forcing you to request a mail-in ballot.

Also, this request appears to me to only reference voting in the general election; however, the left-hand box in the center of the request form indicates you can also ask for a ballot in any special election occurring before Jan. 21, 2021. Interestingly, if you fail to check a box, “you will automatically be sent a ballot for all elections in which you are eligible to vote.” Note that that wording says, “all elections,” while the actual selection says, “any special election occurring before 1/21/2021.” What are our Democratic friends really trying to do with in-person voting?

I urge everyone to vote in person and tear up or burn this request. The idea that you “might” contract COVID-19 while voting in person is nothing more than a scare tactic. What is the difference between standing 6 feet apart in Walmart and standing 6 feet apart at the polling station?

Have we heard anything from the state about how they intend to ensure our safety to vote? I could find nothing on the Department of State or the Department of Elections websites to indicate that there is a safety plan for the general election.

I think your chances of catching COVID-19 in a “safe” election process is very minimal. If at all possible, vote in person!

Frank Daniels