Letter to the Editor: Don’t limit biopharmaceutical research

My son is currently fighting an ongoing battle with autoimmune deficiencies. I am his main caregiver and have been with him through every step of this journey. All I can say right now is that watching my son struggle has been incredibly difficult and that we’re both hopeful that he’ll one day benefit from an advanced treatment for his condition.

However, our concerns have only been heightened throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Because he is immunodeficient, he is extremely susceptible to this virus. Ultimately, we are desperate for a vaccine, and I would like to believe that we’ll benefit from one sooner rather than later. But odds are there is a long road ahead for America’s biopharmaceutical companies, whose scientists are working around the clock to research and develop one.

It is imperative that we clear the road to vaccine development on their behalf, ensuring that legislative obstacles don’t impede their progress. Roadblocks like government price setting, which are included in the White House’s recent “most favored nation” executive order, could hinder their progress, confirming the continuation of the pandemic and the health threats that my son currently faces.

Even more so, choosing to implement pro-innovation policies now could work to the benefit of patients like my son in the near future. That’s why I’m hoping that Delaware’s lawmakers will speak out in favor of continued biopharmaceutical innovation, which is crucial to putting an end to the COVID-19 pandemic and saving the lives of immunocompromised patients like my son.

Reyna Cervantes
New Castle