Letter to the Editor: ‘Downward spiral of civility’

It is truly concerning when one considers the continued downward spiral of civility in our country. Especially involving the politicians, major news stations, talk radio and newspaper opinion pages.

We should all remember President Lincoln stated in the 1800s that our nation could not be conquered from without only from within.

Our country has experienced major differences in the past but I don’t believe they approach the levels we see today.

When we watched House Speaker Pelosi during the State of the Union address or President Trump after his impeachment acquittal, it is very evident the top leaders of the two major parties are not going to lead any effort to return to civil discourse.

When we watch the Democratic candidates hold sway with talks concerning each other or President Trump, we know this election year will more than likely be worse than those in the past.

Obviously, the profit-driven news stations and talk radio will remain as at present sowing discord.

As always, it certainly appears if any change is to come, it must come from those that care first about our country before any political party. We need more people to adopt a step back attitude before responding to an op-ed, talk radio, or other social media postings.

Obviously, something that has been building for past 50 years won’t change overnight but our area may improve and that is worth a first step. I will be one to try to restore civility.

Robert J. Frost