Letter to the Editor: Drago is clear on her positions

My interest is your “quality of life” in Sussex County.

I am running as your write-in candidate for Sussex County Council 3rd District. I’ll put my energy, integrity, commitment and 25 years of proven leadership and business experience to work for you. In my work, I managed complex projects, built consensus, solved problems and negotiated financial transactions. I have no developer ties and no conflicts of interest.

In the Delaware State News, my opponent stated that I am against traffic improvement districts (TIDs) and for raising taxes (“Election 2020: Sussex County Council District 3,” Oct. 23). He is wrong on both counts. My opponent has trouble with facts and numbers and a habit of changing them to tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

My opponent tells you that I do not support TIDs when, in fact, I do support them. He was in the County Council chamber Oct. 6 when I spoke to council, urging them to approve the TIDs without delay. It is he who stood before council only weeks before, urging them to delay approval of the new TIDs. Council session recordings speak for themselves.

My opponent tells you that I would vote for tax increases. I’ve been consistent and clear about taxes. I will not support or vote for property tax increases. He wants to take on significant county debts to fund road improvements, with borrowed funds put into the hands of developers, and county taxpayers would be responsible to pay these debts if a project or developer should fail. We all know how things worked out in the real estate crisis a decade ago.

My opponent can’t remember how long he has lived in District 3? When asked, his answer varies from 18 to 15 to eight years. Just a week ago, he again publicly answered 18 years. But he was mayor of Smyrna in 2007. How is that possible?

My opponent says he will aggressively control developers. Yet most of his campaign supporters to date are tied to development, development financing, major entertainment venues and real estate. My supporters are individual constituents.

I will protect all property values, maintaining a landowner’s investment, while preserving our natural resources, with no increase in property taxes. I will work to build bridges with all stakeholders and ensure that the tools available to guide sensible land-use decisions — most importantly, Sussex County’s comprehensive plan — are used to preserve our quality of life. We can have both a thriving economy and a healthy environment!

I ask for your write-in vote Nov. 3.

Patricia “Patti” Drago