Letter to the Editor: Eradicate evil and return peace to this country

Antifa and assorted colleagues in crime should not be a part of the justifiable protest movement. They do not respect the lawfully protesting participants who are expressing their grievances of the unjustified, unlawful assassinations of innocent black citizens. The illegal acts of incensed bigots who wore a uniform do not represent most law enforcement officers who dedicatedly perform their duties to protect and serve us all.

These horrific acts of murder performed by these outlawed police officers have dangerously damaged the name of good law enforcement officers. These deadly acts are endangering the lives of all devoted law enforcement officers throughout our beloved country.

Antifa and other followers of evil must be stopped. The dedicated law enforcement officers put their lives on the line daily to ensure our safety and security. Unfortunately, with these unlawful criminals determined to destroy our country, our police officers must watch their own backs as they are now major targets of the evildoers.

All America wants peace and justice for our citizens. To achieve this goal, we must eradicate the evil forces and end their dangerous patterns of destruction. Let our law enforcement agencies perform their tasks to achieve this objective.

Antifa and its followers have used this pain and angered sorrow against all America. It is their mission to destroy America, one city at a time. Outsiders of evil are not the citizens within the individual communities who justifiably protest, but the fanatical extremists who have infiltrated these marches to destroy our way of life.

They plant the weapons of destruction in places where unlawful acts will be performed upon anyone – private citizens, shopkeepers and law enforcement protectors.

That is the sad total of today’s evil events! To combat this violence, the “thin blue line” has stood strong to protect everyone. We must let the law enforcement community know we have their backs. No sneak attacks upon our police officers must be accepted or tolerated wherever in America.

No political rhetoric should enter this already dangerous era of turmoil and pain. Electoral participants who sling arrows at their opposing candidates do so to gain ground with the intention of success Nov. 3. America must be healed. Uninformed, self-serving politicians may take advantage of our tragedy to achieve their chosen political position.

America must come first and deserves safety, security, personal success and love of our neighbors throughout the land.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan