Letter to the Editor: Fair and equal representation?

I fail to understand why Harry Todd titled his letter (“Fair and equal representation,” July 15), when clearly he does not care for either.

He shows that he fundamentally does not understand what “PC leftists” advocate for when we demand that symbols of hate such as statues be removed from public spaces. A statue is intended to glorify the person or event that it portrays. It says, “Hey everyone, we think this person/thing was so great that we’ve chosen to memorialize it.”

So, I would like to ask Mr. Todd what message he thinks it sends to people of color when we erect statues of Confederate generals, whose only major contribution to this country was fighting to protect the institution of slavery. If, as he says, the past shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, would he be prepared to tell Jewish people that they should not be offended by statues of Wehrmacht generals?

Mr. Todd, I am all for teaching history. We should teach our children to understand both the good and bad from our history. But what we must not do is glorify those whose only contribution to our collective history was hate, oppression and suffering.

Jack Heavner