Letter to the Editor: Fair and equal representation

I most sincerely apologize to those socially educated readers of this letter for the socially ignorant folks who constantly insult your intelligence and purport to rewrite history. Let us, – the generally silent majority – no longer continue to stand by and do nothing. Let us rise up and demand the removal of all “offensive” figures in history.

Those who want their 15 minutes in the sun demand the removal of memorials to Jefferson Davis, Thomas Jefferson, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, the flag symbol of the Confederacy and, even closer to our shores, the destruction of the Talbot Boys monument memorializing Confederate state soldiers in Easton, Maryland.

Folks, history cannot be changed, but we can learn from it. Or can we? The removal cost of these “offensive” symbols are in the hundreds of thousands. All this to rewrite history at the expense of the elderly, the hungry, the truly ill and ultimately, themselves.

Let us now advocate for the complete revision of history so our children can bask in the knowledge that if they don’t like what has happened in the past, in order to bring them into the future, they can change it to suit the times. Let’s start by campaigning to bring lawsuits for the removal from the face of our currency the portraits of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (both “vile” slaveowners and bootleggers); Andrew Jackson (who destroyed an entire Native American nation); Ulysses S. Grant (who practiced genocide on Native Americans in the West); and Franklin D. Roosevelt (for the massive indiscriminate killing of tens of thousands of Japanese). Let us also remove memorials for Gen. Phil Sheridan (for the extinction and genocide of the American Indians) and Gen. William T. Sherman (for the rape, destruction and pillage of Atlanta; Charleston, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and a 300-mile-long corridor to the sea). Why don’t we advocate for fair and equal representation and push for the change of the name of Talbot County, Maryland, or the city of Columbus, Ohio, and the university? Surely, that would not cost too much and would correct history to match the times.

So, there you have it. It is but a start; however, once the ball gets rolling, I’m sure there are many other “offensive” icons we can eliminate all in the name of revising history to suit social desires. The Black Lives Matter movement conducted a test of our resolve, and we collectively failed. I do not condone nor advocate the violence of law enforcement, but I also do not condone rising common thugs and criminals to the level of sainthood.
The unmitigated success of this effort will pale in the coming storm. The next effort will be to negate the rule of law absolutely and plunge this country into a third-world nation unable to be governed. History is what it is, and the past cannot be changed. Learn it and profit from it. Wake up to personally contributing (PC) vs. participation collectors (PC) of undeserved accolades for being foolishly PC (politically correct).

History is real, history is ugly, history cannot be changed, and history is just that. What happened years ago cannot be a source of an offense to the psyche of people today. The people, if smart, can only benefit if they would educate themselves, instead of making demands attempting to force society to accept their less-than-rational views. The next event will result in America no longer having a republic, and it will be, like Abraham Lincoln said, because it was destroyed from within.

Harry Todd