Letter to the Editor: For Fuller, service is way of life

Greg Fuller is running for the 36th Representative District seat in the state Legislature.

Greg is a veteran and a family man with a long and successful career in human services, a large extended family and strong relationships with various church communities. For Greg Fuller, service to others is a way of life. He listens to the people of Sussex County and is sensitive to their needs and concerns, such clean water, affordable safe housing, health care and education.

I am a resident of the Milford area and a retired associate professor of special education, who served as Education Department chair for three of my 14 years at Delaware State University, and I have known Greg for the past 10 years. He is endorsed by the 36th Representative District Committee.

I have known Greg Fuller to advocate for those who cannot stand up for themselves. He spent much of his almost 30 years in Delaware caring for his aging parents and raising a family.

Greg Fuller is a hardworking, dedicated and approachable resident of the 36th Representative District. I strongly encourage voters in the 36th District to vote for Greg Fuller.

Billie Friedland