Letter to the Editor: Fresh leadership in Delaware

Democrats have controlled the governorship since 1993. There is no balance or accountability in Dover any longer. We need that balance that we used to have under Pete du Pont and Mike Castle. Julianne Murray will bring that back to Dover. That is why I am voting for her.

John Carney’s actions speak for themselves. A sweetheart land deal for John Paradee. A full pardon for convicted felon Barry Croft, who allegedly plotted to kidnap the Michigan governor.

And how does John Carney try to respond to this? He sends cease-and-desist letters to television channels that are airing ads about it. He tried to stop Freedom of Information Act requests. This isn’t the Delaware I know.

Julianne Murray will bring accountability back to Delaware state government. She will create an independent state inspector general to root out corruption. She will bring common sense and honesty back to the governorship.

Debra Hanna