Letter to the Editor: Fur babies need TLC as fall begins

The chilly season is upon us, and most of us are looking forward to warm fires, hot chocolate (or tea) and cozy blankets.

Curling up on the sofa nestled in soft fleece is a great way to spend a chilly autumn eve. Our furry companions don’t always have those same luxuries, especially those trapped in puppy mills or thrown in backyard kennels, and that’s not to mention the strays.

Animal rescues and shelters can only do so much and depend on the community’s help to aid in their care. For creatures that give so much and ask for so little, they deserve better treatment than what they often receive. Let’s open our hearts and show them compassion by reporting cases of abuse and neglect to the local shelter authorities; this includes leaving pets chained or kenneled without proper protection from the elements or a lack of food and water, etc.

Why get a pet if only to leave it chained or caged outside? They need companionship as much as humans do. That’s why we get them, isn’t it?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than to see an animal mistreated, nor does anything stir one’s ire more. They cannot speak for themselves other than with sad eyes, visibly broken spirits and sagging ears. We must be their voice and be advocates to help ensure they have the quality of life they are so deserving of.

Reach out and help a fur child in need. Not only will you help them, you’ll help yourself, as well.

Debbie Hilton