Letter to the Editor: Giving to Toys for Tots

Last year, at approximately this time, I heard on the news that a Toys for Tots semi-trailer in Dover was broken into and half the cargo was stolen. This affected me so much that I decided to purchase $250 worth of scooters and donate them to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.

At the beginning of this year decided to purchase a toy just about every time I went to Walmart to shop. I found that it didn’t affect my budget in any way. I looked at this as an opportunity to help our children because of the situation these children may be in. For example; children may come from a one-parent home whose parent works two or more jobs just to keep up with maintaining a family of one or more. They may come from a family where drugs are prevalent or maybe they come from a dysfunctional family whose parents’ opposition to each other and open arguments may frighten them into wondering if they will have a Christmas.

There are a myriad reasons why a child may not have a Christmas they so deservedly desire. All I know is all children are innocent and we should try to help any underprivileged child at this time of year, therefore I have accumulated 102 toys at a cost of $3000 to donate.

The three kinds of toys I purchased are, tricycles, scooters and Fisher-Price ride-on music toys. I wanted to purchase toys that would teach our children the art of mental and physical coordination. I hope I have achieved this purpose

Ray Leitzell

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