Letter to the Editor: Green the right choice for Sussex County

If all our elected officials carried the same credentials and track record that Cindy Green is known for, Delaware would once again be known as “first” in every category.

Cindy is running as a Republican candidate for Sussex County Council, and helping her win a seat at the table should matter to all of us. Her 10-year track record in public service as register of wills shows that she’s fought to keep your money in your pocket by keeping taxes and fees low. She’s known for delivering results and for getting more done with less. And she’ll be the first to point out that living in difficult times requires the elimination of bureaucracy and governmental overreach, not more of the same.

If we ever needed public servants we can trust, that time is now. As a Sussex County conservative, Cindy Green will bring her values, experience and commitment to the Sussex County Council to maintain local control of land and business development, along with her staunch opposition to fee and tax increases.

Cindy Green has my respect, my financial support and my vote.

Sher Valenzuela