Letter to the Editor: Harpster supportive of police

I write this letter in support of Richard Harpster, because of his strong stand in support of our police, especially at the local level in the city of Dover.

In May, Dover experienced protests some of which developed into looting. Consequently, a curfew was imposed. Dover families’ lives were disrupted, and many feared for their safety. The Dover police were there to protect us, even as they were being threatened.

The police always stand with the citizens and for us against disruption and crime.

But who stands for them? Lately, many politicians have thought it fashionable to stand more with the disruptors, rather than with the people and the police. One of these politicians is Richard Harpster’s opponent in the race for the 31st Representative District. Rich supported the police, firefighters, veterans and other public servants long before he decided to run for office. He is a passionate patriot who displays his patriotism in his business and personal life.

In fact, the city of Dover Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 15 has chosen to support Richard Harpster in his campaign to represent the 31st District. He has always supported policies that are reasonable and just, based on fair and equal treatment for all under the law. He stands for the police and for helping them become even better and more efficient at their jobs.

Ellen J. Hamilton