Letter to the Editor: Harpster will ‘serve everyone equally’

I endorse Richard Harpster for 31st District state representative.

Rich Harpster is a dedicated patriot. He believes in the principles that make America the place where anyone can be the best they can be and achieve the dreams in their hearts. He is known for supporting veterans, military servicemembers, police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and others who serve. What people will find out is that Rich has heart to serve everyone equally. If you believe in following the basic rules and respecting others so that we can all prosper regardless of any labels, he is your candidate.

Rich will favor the law-abiding over the criminals, and rejects ideas like defunding the police. He favors equal opportunity. He is a small businessman who understands the importance of job creation and the free market. He is a family man who is deeply interested in education. He has a master’s degree, but kept his common sense and is well-equipped to understand the workings of an $8 billion-plus state operation. He will fight for taxpayers. He values the Bill of Rights, including the First and Second amendments.

Rich Harpster is the candidate for people who believe in one or more of the four “F”s – freedom, faith, family and free markets and want to practice them. He is the candidate who will stop trying to impose radical ideas on you and let you live your dreams. Please find Richard Harpster on the ballot Nov. 3.

David L. Anderson
4th District Dover City Councilman