Letter to the Editor: Health care: Immigrants or veterans

Ms. Blunt-Rochester: Your comments of Nov. 22 at Delaware State University show you are fiscally irresponsible and detached from constituents. An elected representative of Delaware pathetically says this is not an “either or” situation. You treat our Treasury as a bottomless pit. The “situation” with migrants and illegal immigrants is among the “either or” elements with which our officials contend. Elected to evaluate priorities, employ good sense, good judgment, and do what is right for citizens. You demonstrate you are incapable of performing at that level.

Veterans suffer maladies from combat, PTSD, the likes of Agent Orange, contaminated ground water and a multitude of “errors” made by leaders of this nation. Veteran health care is either a priority or it is not. You choose the latter. Either place veterans and their families in top priority, or do not run for reelection. Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population voluntarily wear the uniform of military services.

Either tear up that “blank check” that veterans produced upon entry to military service or do the right thing by keeping the promises you and others made decades ago.

E.F. Martin

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