Letter to the Editor: Heartfelt thank you to Harvest Years

This pandemic has revealed heroes great and small.  All heroes, nevertheless. 

The Harvest Years Senior Center of Camden plays the hero part very low key.  However, they are doing a great service to senior citizens who are now homebound. 

The coronavirus has been life altering.  This is particularly so for those of us who are considered to be at higher risk.  Before, we didn’t think of ourselves as old and vulnerable, at least I didn’t.    Now because of several health issues, I can no longer volunteer, hop in my car and go to the grocery store, to visit friends, to the library, or even to church.

Fortunately, for those of us who are members of Harvest Years Senior Centerand homebound, director Tom Bones modified services to adapt to the demands of the coronavirus. 

Not only has Harvest Years been delivering a well-appreciated lunch, but they actually unofficially check on us.  If we are not at the door to receive our lunch, someone telephones to be sure that we are well.  If needed, they’ll shop for essentials or take us for a medical appointment.  Sometimes, the person delivering my lunch is the only live human I see for several days.

On behalf of the recipients of these services, I want to thank Harvest Years Senior Center’s director, Tom Bones, and the devoted staff: Diane, Valerie, Marguerite, Judy, and Tom Mahoney.

Mary K. Eggers