Letter to the Editor: Holiday weekend unusual, but still give thanks

During this challenging, unprecedented time, Thanksgiving weekend has certainly been different. It may very well be the most unusual since the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims nearly 400 years ago.

As with most, Thanksgiving has been a cherished holiday and always one of my most favorite. I love our family getting together for a traditional dinner. At least for us, this year, it will have to be virtual. Nevertheless, I think this is a good time for all of us to think about what we should be thankful for.

My father taught me that optimism brings far more happiness than any other mindset, so let’s count our blessings:

• Look at photos of past Thanksgivings.

• Be grateful for good health.

• Appreciate a place to call home.

• Feel blessed you have food for your family.

• Strive for the ability to pivot and adapt and even set new goals.

• Cherish your family and friends.

• Be proud that America continues to be the land of freedom and opportunity because of our men and women in uniform — military, police and first responders who serve and protect us. Remember them always.

Remember, there is more binding us than separating us. Together, we will go forward. Please stay safe and don’t forget to live, love and laugh.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and stay safe.

Bill Hare