Letter to the Editor: House candidate clarifies position

I am writing to respond to a Letter to the Editor that appeared in the Delaware State News on Oct. 10 that was written by David Mazur of Smyrna (“33rd District candidate will help families”).

I have never met or spoken with Mr. Mazur, and while I am grateful for his efforts to be supportive, I must clarify a couple points.

First, I have never been a supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Secondly, as the daughter of two union factory workers and a single parent, I will always stand on the side of working families who struggle to make ends meet. However, I understand that raising the minimum wage to $15 at this time would crush local businesses, especially in the COVID-19 environment that has already made it so difficult for many small businesses to keep their doors open.

Raising the minimum wage needs to coincide with the local economy at a responsible rate for working families and businesses.

Rachael King