Letter to the Editor: How about ‘Make America Normal Again’?

Frank Daniels’ DSN Commentary (3/16), “Joe Biden would be president in name only,” presented an anti-Biden story using lopsided logic.

Since fanatics present their propaganda by puffing up only the positives and sweeping all the negatives under the rug, let me point out some of what Daniels deliberately hid or refused to see or talk about. 

On Mr. Biden’s “…multiple failed presidential attempts….”: How about President Trump’s multiple failed businesses (six bankruptcies)? 

And that “Washington swamp”? How about President Trump’s swamp of business lobbyist appointments that are “foxes in chicken coups”? 

And that “Joe…is an imbecile….”? Out of all of President Trump’s flops, how about his total inability to pick aides that don’t quit or get fired by him. Highest turnover on record for White House staff.

More books have been written on Trump’s chaos than any prior POTUS.  And President Trump was thinking of appointing Ivanka as head of the World Bank? How about Dr. Trump on coronavirus: “Don’t worry, Donald is here”?

And Mr. Daniels said about President Trump, “He hasn’t been perfect…” But USA polls still show 42% approval, 53% disapproval. And global polls — except for Russia – say he is worst POTUS in history. And Mr. Daniels said “… but he’s kept his word….”

The internet “Trump-tracker” says the accomplishment totals are still stuck almost where they were many many months ago and the unfinished business is still unfinished. Further progress is at a standstill. Obstruction of justice is off the wall (see Mueller indictment list, guilty pleas, impeachment).

Mr. Daniels’ warning about Joe and taxes going up? What about massive expansion of our national debt by President Trump? And his big “socialism” for himself (various emoluments, revenue for his golf clubs), his family (various gifts to “Jarvanka”), the rich, and big corporations?  And the damage from his trade war with China? And what happened to “repeal and replace”? Where is the “replace”? 

Will Joe Biden be a “puppet” as Mr. Daniels predicts? 

Or is that just a snotty word for someone who builds bridges, works across the aisle, and might Make America Normal Again?  Someone who brings back some semblance of stability, politeness, and maybe someone with less of a big non-stop mouth and better ears for listening to advice, and more and better marbles in his noggin?  

Arthur E. Sowers