Letter to the Editor: Hugg is right for 15th District

I am writing this letter of support for Jaci Hugg, who unequivocally should be the candidate chosen to represent all citizens of the 15th Senatorial District.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jaci for almost 20 years, including the time I served as the Delaware Secretary of Labor, when Jaci was on the front lines at the department helping to retrain workers impacted by companies’ downsizing. She grew up in Smyrna and is still fully vested in Kent County. She and her husband raised their children here and educated them in the public school system.

As a small businesswoman, she will be a great champion for economic development to retain and create quality jobs, including preserving farms and the livelihood of farmers. To have sustained economic growth and development, together with a well-trained workforce for the 21st century, Jaci is aware our schools and teachers must have the resources they need, which she fully supports.

Jaci currently serves as a legislative assistant in the state Senate. In that capacity, she is notably aware that Delaware’s General Assembly was established for the purpose of having elected officials represent the needs of all citizens of our great state. Jaci will work tirelessly to make sure her agenda will be the public’s agenda for the 15th Senatorial District.

She believes in a fair, equitable and inclusive society. Jaci also knows that in the current political climate, the citizens are not well-served when warring factions dominate the conversations and actions of our elected officials. I’m confident that because of the caliber of person that Jaci is, she will be able to go across the aisle to collectively establish agendas that will best serve all constituents of the 15th Senatorial District and not leave anyone behind.

Her work history, professional knowledge and diverse skill sets, including her ability to make good judgments, are key differentiators that highlight numerous reasons why Jaci should be elected the next state senator for the 15th District.

Harold E. Stafford