Letter to the Editor: Hugg offers commitment to 15th District

Jaci Hugg is the Democratic candidate for the state Senate in the 15th District. I am happy to write on her behalf and to encourage 15th District residents to vote for Jaci on Nov. 3.

I have known Jaci for more than two decades. We have worked together on numerous civic, community and political activities here in Kent County. She is a good, decent, hardworking person with a passionate commitment to her family, her community and our state.

Jaci will be intensely focused on issues important to the 15th District. First among them is jobs. She understands the vital necessity to get people who are out of work because of the coronavirus back on the job as quickly as possible. But she also understands the need to go beyond that, to energize the development of good-paying, stable, career-level jobs right here in central Delaware and to support and nurture the small businesses that create those jobs.

Prominent among those businesses are the farms that form one of the pillars of the local economy. Jaci Hugg will fight to preserve and protect that farmland, to maintain a productive and vibrant agriculture sector and to be a strong voice for Delaware’s farmers.

Jaci Hugg enjoys the support of many, many educators in our public schools, because she knows the fundamental importance of a good education for our kids. That’s one of the reasons Jaci will focus on extending internet broadband to every nook and cranny of the 15th, giving every student, every business, every resident access to this vital service.

I believe Jaci Hugg will be an outstanding senator for the people of the 15th District, and I encourage all voters to give her your most serious consideration.

Brian J. Bushweller
Former State Senator, 17th District