Letter to the Editor: Hypocrisy is all around

Sunday’s paper (June 28) was filled with so much hypocrisy that I wanted to vomit.

Front-page stories of people gathering less than 6 inches apart, some with masks and some not. Yet, inside, the letters are all about being 6 feet apart and wearing masks.

Good grief: People in a pool where there is chlorine to kill much of the germs and, according to many doctors, the heat from the sun kills the virus. Where are these same people when it comes to the demonstrations? Why aren’t they out with the yardsticks and masks for everyone?

I see the Democrats on Capitol Hill with their hypocrisy, wearing colors representing an African tribe that believes in slavery, that took many slaves through tribal wars and sold slaves. Why would the Democrats support that?

These so-called “leaders” also kneel in the halls of Congress for a few minutes to honor the death of George Floyd and, yet, never once have they knelt for a fallen police officer, a fallen soldier, for the millions of aborted babies that they have allowed, for a murdered white man or woman, for thousands that died from Black-on-Black crimes, for the thousands of elderly who died in nursing homes due to the coronavirus (remember: Cuomo put many with the virus into the nursing homes in New York).

The Democrats have put so much into the life of George Floyd that they have allowed rioting, looting, vandalism, arson and even murder of others, including officers, both Black and white, in towns across America. If you don’t think that there is a problem with Democrat rule, just look at what 50 years of Democrat control has done to Baltimore, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Apparently, they are proud of the work they have done in these cities, and for those who are not happy with the situation, why aren’t they voting these rascals out?

There is a silent majority, and that is the problem. They have been silent too long. Now, these mobs are going after statues of people who represent our nation’s history, good or bad. Currently, in Easton, Md., it is all about the Talbot Boys. Well, if you are going to take down the Talbot Boys, then you need to take down Frederick Douglass. Has anyone actually read the plaque on his statue? He was in favor of socialism and advocated for it. I would rather see Martin Luther King’s statue there, who believed in justice for all no matter what color your skin is, than to have someone who advocates socialism.

I guess the next statue falling will be the one that stands tall in the harbor of New York.

John Gondeck
Denton, Md.