Letter to the Editor: Hypocrisy of the church

This is in response to Mr. Morrill’s support of the priest who refused to give communion to Joe Biden. (Commentary, Nov. 5). The timing of this refusal is so hypocritical it is laughable.

Mr. Morrill speaks of Mr. Biden’s grave sin in supporting a woman’s right to choose. If you want to talk about grave sin, let’s talk about pedophile priests.

The very same man who sits in a confessional box and judges the severity of the others sin could be raping children. The Holy Catholic Church decided to hide these crimes and move priest to other parishes to protect them. What is the penance for this?

I was a Catholic until I had a casual conversation with my priest re: birth control. I foolishly disclosed the fact that I had a vasectomy. The priest told me I had to confess this grave sin. I refused, he refused me communion. I am now a United Methodist.

I am so moved at the service when communion begins, the minister states, “the table is open to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ” This is what Jesus meant when he said, “do this in memory of me”.

Paul Donnelly

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