Letter to the Editor: If it quacks like a duck …

I don’t know about you, but Bernie Sanders’ praise of Fidel Castro’s echoes the gibberish of apologists for totalitarian dictatorships of the past, and should send chills up the spine of anyone who believes in a world free from such murderous dictatorships.

(Paraphrasing what Sen. Sanders said: “Say what you will about Castro. He is teaching kids how to read and write!”)

 “Say this about Mussolini, at least the trains are on schedule!”

“Say this about Hitler, he’s put Germany back to work! And what about that autobahn?”

“Say this about Stalin. his Five-Year Plan has industrialized Russia.”

“Say this about Mao, his one-child policy (forcing abortions!) is slowing China’s population growth!”

Larry Koch, Ed.D.