Letter to the Editor: Impeachment is ‘pure politics’

The House of Representatives, in a partisan vote, impeached President Trump. A president may be impeached for bribery, extortion and high crimes and misdemeanors in accordance with the Constitution. As a former prosecutor and attorney general, I can tell you that this impeachment proceeding would be thrown out of court for what it is — pure politics.

M. Jane Brady

There was no misconduct that would warrant the impeachment and the transcript speaks for itself. I know people on the other side of this issue have said the same thing, but it’s clear to me there’s no misconduct that would warrant impeachment.

When an impeachment effort is purely partisan it divides the country and hurts the process, and this has been clearly a purely partisan effort. It’s been an impeachment looking for something to hang its hat on practically since President Trump was elected. What I have observed is that Republicans and Independents seem more energized and in favor of the president than prior to this impeachment process. Democrats know they cannot beat Donald Trump in 2020 which is why they are focused on stopping him with this sham impeachment.

We the Republican Party of Delaware stand together with President Donald Trump. The president, should the House of Representatives send the articles of impeachment there for trial, will prevail in the Senate, because he did nothing wrong. He will prevail in 2020 as a result of all that he has accomplished for the American people.

M. Jane Brady
Charwoman of the Delaware Republican Party