Letter to the Editor: In defense of good food and good health

For more than two months, we have been playing defense with the COVID-19 virus, and it has been a good defense. But there has been no education forthcoming from our state on offense – optimizing our immune systems. With states reopening, I think this is particularly important. It is good to be proactive instead of just reactive.

Being as healthy as we can lessens our chances of getting this and other viruses. And if we do get sick, with a healthier lifestyle, we can recover faster and have a milder case. The National Health Association says that eating lots of healthy, whole foods (e.g., greens, beans, cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms and berries); getting adequate, quality sleep; taking in fresh air and sunshine; participating in some sort of exercise/movement; and alleviating stress all help our immune systems and keep us healthy.

Sugar lowers our immunity. Also, some doctors are concerned that being in a disinfected environment for an extended length of time will lower our immune systems and make us more susceptible to other viruses.

Why isn’t this information being publicized by our state health department?

Lorrie Gloede