Letter to the Editor: Is Biden segregating the election?

Joe Biden has unleashed a financial overdose marathon of advertising in a media campaign fund totaling $280 million focused on the minority community. These digital advertisements have been centered on designating Biden’s thought process of equality justification. 

Does he not comprehend that all Americans believe equal justice for all is mandatory for all races, religions and ethnic citizenry in our beloved country?

It is our hard fought for right driven throughout many painful years and justified by valid, brave Civil Rights marchers who sacrificed themselves to achieve justice for all minority citizens. What was Biden doing during those dangerous times? No outspoken voice of equality for all was mentioned by Biden at that time. He has been in the governmental arena for 40+ years.  What was achieved by him during those years to obtain justice for all? Today when he is diligently seeking the minority vote, he proclaims himself as the savior to end all injustice.

Segregation was/is a deadly form of American existence. It had/has to be eradicated. We must ensure freedom for us all in America as we are seen by all nations as the country most dedicated to freedom in the world. We must soldier on to maintain that position.  

The violent devastations now threatening some American cities has not been condemned by the Democratic leadership.  They simply state that there is only justified protesting in these war-torn cities. They must not be viewing what we are viewing. Destruction of personal property and personal injury is allowed, only to be blamed upon Federal troops who are attempting to end the destructive nightmare within these Democratic-lead cities. 

Biden seems to be overlooking the damage and demolition of these cities. His primary concern is attaining his goal to be seated in the Oval Office.  This American disruption, separation of citizenry and ignorance of solution is a deplorable national condition. Biden’s words are non-existent on these issues affecting American lives and are exclusively intended to achieve the dream of residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Dream on McDuff (or Biden as this case may be)!  

This question remains: Does this massive advertisement investment by Biden and his aides indicate that they may not be as confident as they initially believed that the minority vote was a given for their campaign? 

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan