Letter to the Editor: It’s time to double down

This is how Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy described Democrats twice voting down the cloture vote for the coronavirus relief bill: This bill had been crafted by a bipartisan group over the weekend and was sent to the Senate for a vote Sunday evening. However, before the vote, Nancy Pelosi stepped in and convinced Chuck Schumer and fellow Democrats to vote against it in favor of their own bill.

What Democrats objected to was about half the bill which they characterized as a “slush fund” for corporations. The bill helps industries significantly impacted by the crisis and small businesses contemplating survival in these trying times. It gives forgivable loans to corporations on condition they retain their employees through the crisis. This all sounds reasonable, so why are the Democrats against it?

Democrats see an opportunity to add a plethora of items to the bill, most of which have nothing to do with the current crisis.

I’ll highlight some of them:

• Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions
• Increased fuel emissions standards for airlines
• Expansion of wind and solar tax credits
• Payment of all current Postal Service debt
• Required early voting and same day voter registration
• Federal $15 minimum wage
• Permanent paid leave
• Board seats for workers
• Barring companies from executing share buybacks, even after aid is repaid

Rather than focusing on bringing aid to people and companies in crisis, Democrats have chosen to implement portions of the Green New Deal. They’re willing to trade their agenda for the physical and financial health of millions of Americans down on their knees and desperate. Something to keep in mind when voting this November.

Hylton Phillips-Page
Rehoboth Beach