Letter to the Editor: Jordan issues apology

A few days ago, I used words I shouldn’t have in describing political opponents of the president of the United States. After much reflection and thought, I now realize my words were inappropriate. I apologize for raising questions about a people, a faith, and a culture whose beliefs span a broad political spectrum. No matter how heated our collective discourse becomes, it should never cross the line as I did.

The people who know me well, know I am a person of deep faith and conviction. I am passionate about my principles and I am always eager to voice my opinions. I hope it is also now clear that I am someone who can apologize, and accept responsibility, when it is warranted. While I do not regret my conservative values, I do regret the words I used. My wish is for the people of Sussex County to understand I have learned a valuable lesson.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Republican Party of Sussex County. I hope to continue to do so for many years. Thank you.

Nelly Jordan
Sussex County Republican vice chairwoman