Letter to the Editor: Keeping things in-house

To Mr. Smiga (“Blunt Rochester shouldn’t ‘take another job,’” Delaware State News, March 10), all those who gave their comments in the Speak Out column (Delaware State News, March 13), and also Mr. Smiga (“Blunt Rochester should represent us,” Delaware State News, March 15):

I have read all the information, so let’s put things in perspective: If you think there is a conflict of interest, more than likely it was put through a review process before Miss Blunt Rochester got the Biden re-election campaign co-chair position, or there’s nothing in writing with a signature saying she cannot have the job. It will be part-time and unfunded, which means no conflicts involved and is only an advisory capacity. I would rather have someone from Delaware working with Mr. Biden than a total stranger who we know nothing about.

Mr. Smiga, how can you say she has not demonstrated exceptional competence? She was elected in 2016 and re-elected again in 2018, so what does that tell you about her level of competence? You can look up her accomplishments and while you are, also read another of her successes for Delaware (“Legislators conservation fund support is appreciated,” Delaware State News, March 8).

She is up for re-election this year, so get out and meet this woman. And what makes you think she wants to be governor? My goal for her would be senator.

Lonnie Brewer