Letter to the Editor: Knowing how it used to be for women makes writer appreciate RBG

With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this country has lost a champion for women’s rights.

Justice Ginsburg was not just the subject of a meme by Senate candidate Lauren Witzke (which has now been deleted), proclaiming that the justice was only about abortion rights.

I am from the era where women finished school, then got a little job until they got married. As soon as you became pregnant and it showed, you were let go.

I liked to eat, so I went back to work as soon as I could. Heaven forbid, if you got pregnant in high school, you immediately had to leave. If you went to college, there were very few options for a major open to you for a job after you graduated — secretarial, teaching, nursing — all good, but what if you wanted to be a scientist or a lawyer, or in a position where you could move up the corporate ladder or any other position where only men would be considered? Even if you got such a job, you were only tolerated and looked down on.

I was very fortunate after moving to Dover, because I went to work at Wesley College and had a boss who encouraged me to study for an associate degree. I got it, then went on to receive a bachelor’s and then a master’s and a job I really liked.

Justice Ginsburg worked hard for the rights of all women to pursue their dreams and to be compensated for it. The glass ceiling and pay inequities still exist, but my granddaughters will have the opportunity to help take it down, thanks to brave women like Justice Ginsburg who have made this possible. She continued working until the end.

Rest in peace, Justice Ginsburg. You have surely earned it.

June Katz