Letter to the Editor: Lawson champions Second Amendment

We now have a one-party rule in Delaware that is neither a democracy (a government of, by and for the people) nor a “republican form of government,” as required by constitutional law (Article 4, Section 4), but instead a socialistic mess.

Socialism is the false premise of something for nothing. Any form of government that is based on a lie will become the lie.

The conflict then is not between the Democrats and Republicans, rather the radical socialist against everyone else.

The wages of socialism have always been the same: total government control followed by societal chaos, as evidenced by history.

Yet even today, many people are beguiled by the false, godless propaganda of socialism.

None of this can fully transpire, nor can socialism be forced upon a free people who have not been first required to surrender their private arms.

To fully control the people, gun control is an absolute — which is why the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution.

Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel, has been a great friend to the people (statewide) on many, many issues.

As to the Second Amendment, Sen. Lawson has no equal.

Fred Allen Bass