Letter to the Editor: Let’s enjoy the land, not destroy it

While driving around the Sussex County beach areas, one couldn’t help but notice all the new construction; it just seemed to go on forever. Condominiums on top of each other. New developments where farmland used to be. Such a sad, sad sight. Especially at the beach, where one more condo house would cause everything to come crashing down.

Our little state was never meant to be like New Jersey or New York, but it sure seems to be piling up that way. Even rural areas are being overdeveloped, with new homes and developments popping up everywhere. Yet, if you drive around and really take a look, you see many abandoned homes left to ruin. Wouldn’t it make more sense to renovate that property instead of tearing up more land, whether it be at the beach or wherever?

I know farmers are getting to be few and far between, but there has to be a balance somewhere. Not only are we ruining land; we are taking away natural habitat for wildlife. Animals deserve to live as well as humans do. Progress in and of itself is a great thing when it’s an improvement, but what I’ve seen on my travels is no improvement. It is a detriment and one that if left to continue, will eventually cause more harm than good, if it hasn’t already.

It’s not difficult to understand that overdevelopment will, over time, cause a mountain of problems that we may or may not be able to contend with. For instance, water supply: It can only go so far. Electricity can and will become overloaded at some point.

Where does it end? Or does it? When does the almighty dollar stop being the dictator of right and wrong? Yes, we need growth, but not to the extent it has been taken. A much broader view of our state’s development needs to be considered, and then limited, to keep a healthy balance. Let’s make sure the progress being made is not clouding the whole picture. Land was meant to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

Debbie Hilton