Letter to the Editor: Let’s work toward a better government

I was stationed overseas for two years and have visited a few other countries since then on vacation and experienced the governing systems of these places. It made me realize that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else than here in the good ol’ USA.

This is because we have the greatest people and government compared to all the governments and places I have been to or heard about. Our democratic government is not perfect, but we are always seeking to form a more perfect government, which I believe should be the aim of our governing leaders.

However, our nation has become tribal and permissive of negative and harmful behavior that has become distracting to the workings and to the business and to the intended purpose of our government. Let’s untangle our governing groups and get down to positive results and actions.

My greatest wish and hope is that we get back to the work of perfecting this great experiment called democracy — of, for and by the people.

Lester Gibbs