Letter to the Editor: Liberals trying to push communist ideas

It was nice to see that Mike Apgar survived our initial wave of the COVID-19 virus. I’m sad to see, however, that nothing happened to assuage his delusional hatred (“Hail to Mr. Tough Guy, our divider in chief,” June 17) for a person whose only offense was defeating a lying, traitorous Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

I particularly enjoy how the party line is so easily parroted by the liberal left wing. The most glaring was Mr. Apgar’s blind insistence on the mainstream media feed that all the demonstrations were about the summer of love and singing “Kumbaya.” Perhaps a trip to New York or Seattle in person might actually enlighten him, though I doubt it.

The distortions of fact and outright lies to push a communist agenda is simply amazing. No president has ever endured the continual harangue that President Trump has. The Constitution was subverted before the president was inaugurated. Using a fake dossier that the former secretary of state (who clandestinely sold a third of America’s uranium to Russia) had paid for, the Democrats began a “Russian collusion” scheme.

For three-quarters of his term, the president fought that, while managing to rid America of burgeoning bureaucratic requirements, bring about unmatched economic development and bring back manufacturers who’d left during the previous eight years. A former vice president, having openly admitted to committing quid pro quo to stop investigation of his son, claimed that the president had committed quid pro quo in investigating his lawlessness.

President Trump closes the border to protect the nation from the COVID-19 virus and is castigated as racist and xenophobic. Yet when that move proved true, he was skewered for not having done it sooner. Forced to literally close the country, he halved the doom-and-gloom media’s economic impact forecast. Unemployment was at its lowest point in 50 years, but just as soon as businesses were forced to close, these same doomsayers started blaming the president as jobs numbers plunged.

Now, Mr. Apgar plays the Democrat sound bite that the president “hid” in the bunker when his “peaceful” protesters tried to storm the White House grounds. (For someone whose cherished candidate has spent four months in his basement, he ignored that no president is given a choice by the Secret Service when and if he is taken to the bunker, as was the case here.) Presidents don’t “hide,” they are protected.

Mr. Apgar is likely to have spent four years trying to set brush fires in people’s minds while one of our greatest presidents has, without a single Democrat supporting him, rebuilt this nation’s standing throughout the world, while waving what the former First Lady referred to as “that damned flag.”

During the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950s, he was finally exposed by Boston lawyer, Joseph Welch, who stopped the proceedings and said, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?” That’s the question I would love to ask these rabid liberals, but sadly, I fear I already know their answer.

George Roof