Letter to the Editor: Libraries a good alternative to traditional bookstores

First, I would like to welcome Mr. Gardner to Delaware! (“Why no bookstore in all of Kent County?” Nov. 14) If you live here long enough, we will grow on you.

In answer to your questions about bookstores in Kent County, we used to have several, some selling new books and some selling used ones. While they were popular, I think the lure of easy access and delivery from online bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, damaged many brick-and-mortar shops beyond repair. One by one, they closed.

Many people in Kent County love to read, and they use their public libraries regularly. Membership is free for state residents, and our library system is statewide, meaning that if you want a book that is available anywhere in our state library system, they will get it for you as soon as possible. If you want one that isn’t available in the state, that will take a little longer, but they will still get it for you.

In addition, specifically in Kent County, the Dover Public Library has a used bookshop that takes up most of its main lobby — stack after stack after stack after stack of used books for sale at bargain prices — all donated by readers like you who purchased them at some shop or online or wherever, read them, loved them and then chose to share them with others. If you must own your reading material and don’t want to leave Kent County in pursuit of it, please stop into the bookshop in the Dover library and browse.

Ruth Ashby
Ocean View
Vice president, Friends of the Dover Public Library