Letter to the Editor: Litter in Delaware

My husband and I travel every two years to the state of Maine for vacation. We noticed years ago, on our first trip, how beautiful the state was and also how clean the highways, towns, villages and forests were as there was no litter anywhere.

Here in Delaware it seems like people use the state as a trash dump. It is so appalling how much trash I see every day. Several years ago I stopped at a Wawa. One of their employees was cleaning up the litter from around the gas pumps. A man, less than 10 feet from a trash can, dumps his coffee cup out on the ground.

The employee asked why he did it since he was so close to the trash can. The man replied that it was the employee’s job! How awful is it that people go around thinking someone else will clean up after them.

My husband I each have small pop-up trash cans that we use in our cars. It’s a shame that more people do not have them.

My standard joke about people who litter is that when someone who litters dies and goes to Heaven, God will put them in a room with all the litter they ever threw out.

If you travel the countryside and rural areas here in Delaware you will see where people have dumped bags full of trash. I just don’t understand how someone could do that.

As a woman in Maine told me, “We respect our environment.” I wish Delawareans did.

Nancy J. Auten