Letter to the Editor: Lock up Trump’s assets

Why do I pay taxes for use of this country’s infrastructure while Donald Trump walks, flies, drives around and pays nothing?

I really do not understand how that man can walk away clean and pay little to no taxes, while thumbing his nose at our government. I am not sure that we could lock him out of any of his properties, but we surely could stop him from using the roads that lead to those properties, the byways that millions of American taxpayers pay their hard-earned dollars in taxes for, and for the cost of flying him wherever he wishes.

We have a duly elected government that is ready to step into place when directed, and that government most probably will elect to carry out the American people’s wishes.

I am truly angry that I am being treated as the low rung on the ladder while Trump walks away at my – and millions of other citizens’ – expense.

My concern is that no one is doing anything to put him where he belongs, with the rest of the bottom feeders who he sleeps with.

Hopefully, Joe Biden will realize he can hurt Trump most by hitting him in his financial fanny pack. Considered locking up any of his assets, i.e., hotels, golf courses, etc.? Let’s see how he functions with his funds and other assets withheld. Just think, how would he be getting around with no vehicles or aircraft to move him?

I look forward to Joe Biden assuming the presidency of these United States. Keep up the great work.

James Ferrier