Letter to the Editor: Look at all sides on police shootings

All the violent protesting and rioting over tragic situations that did not have to happen only prove that both sides of the circumstance have not been brought entirely to light.

Any suspect that is ordered to halt, stop, drop your weapon, etc., should obey the order. If the suspect reaches into his/her pockets after ordered to raise hands in the air, it leaves them open to police following what they were trained to do. Recent events resulting in the sad loss of life, again, did not have to happen. The perpetrator should not have put himself in the situation to begin with, and not knowing all the facts, maybe (or maybe not) the police had to use excessive force.

We don’t walk in their shoes every day, so we can’t possibly know what police encounter once they punch the clock.

With crime being at an all-time high, police have to be on constant guard for the public’s safety and their own. We cannot condone excessive force, but neither can we condone and hide the “real cause” either. Had the criminal not caused the situation, the police would not have been involved and the outcome would not have been what it was (so it did not have to happen). Instead of the police bearing the weight of the blame, the fair share should go to the one responsible in the first place.

It also has to be said that the media reporting should be scrutinized; by this, I mean that they should report all the facts, not just what they think the public wants to hear or what will cause a stir. Media frenzy is never accurate.

Justice in any or all of these cases never seems fair to one side or the other, but again, for something that did not have to happen, it is what it is. We live with the outcome and move on. Sadly, for those involved, there never seems to be an end in sight. The moment is relived over and over, for something that didn’t have to happen.

Debbie Hilton