Letter to the Editor: Look closely at candidate records on women’s issues before voting

Ladies: Are your current elected officials really representing you?

The women of southern Kent County and northern Sussex County need to examine the voting records of their current elected officials.

I believe that the best measure of future performance is to scrutinize past performance.

As a college-educated, full-time working mother, I believe strongly that women deserve the same rights, opportunities and protections under the laws as men do.

I also believe in equal pay for equal work. The Delaware Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) states, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.”

You need to know how your current elected officials voted on this amendment to our state constitution (House Bill 399 in 2018 and House Bill 1 in 2019):

• Rep. Shannon Morris, R-Camden-Wyoming, and Rep. Jesse Vanderwende, R-Bridgeville, voted against women’s ability to have equal rights under the law in 2019.

• Sen. David Wilson, R-Lincoln; Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel; Rep. Charles Postles, R-Milford; and Rep. Lyndon Yearick, R-Camden, not only voted against it in 2019, but also in 2018. They voted against your rights for equal pay for equal work, not once but twice!

I ask all of you hardworking ladies: Are these men truly representing you and your interests?

Do they understand that we have to obtain the same education as men do to qualify for good jobs, only to be paid less for the same work?

Isn’t it time that we have elected officials who will stand up for fairness and equality for men and women and inclusion for all people?

When you go to the polls Nov. 3, please think about how you are currently being represented in Dover.

Do these men really have your best interests in mind?

Kim Robbins