Letter to the Editor: Looting doesn’t honor Floyd’s memory

Not only does the appalling behavior of the violent protesters depict a small, yet savage, mentality, it also dishonors the memory of the victim, who, by account, has been characterized as a peaceful man.

Without doubt, George Floyd’s life was stolen by the hands of a brutal police officer, who, also by account, should not have been allowed to wear a uniform. His fellow officers, who stood by and did nothing to help Mr. Floyd, are just as guilty.

Swift justice should be handed down for this incident, but justice is not seen in the selfish, greedy acts of rioters, who claim to be fighting for victim rights and equality, but in reality, are looking for an easy way to score some loot and to vent their pent-up anger by destroying anything in their sight.

My heart goes out to the family of Mr. Floyd, who will suffer the loss of their loved one the rest of their lives, and to the families of the police officers, who, through no guilt of their own, will also suffer and grieve because someone they love chose to participate in such a horrible act.

Enough damage has been done; no more needs to be added to it. Mr. Floyd, by his peaceful demeanor, would not have wanted his life, or death, to be remembered with violence, but with a vision for a better tomorrow and a hope for today.

These thoughtless acts of violence, especially in the trying times our country is already facing, demonstrate just how much of a downward spiral this generation is in, and it appears to just keep falling.

My sincere condolences to the Floyd family; however small a sentiment that may seem, it is truly heartfelt, not only by me, but by so many others who share in your loss, disbelief and shock. May God strengthen and keep you close during this very difficult time and rest the soul of your loved one.

Shame on each and every one of those who participated in the violence and looting; you not only dishonored Mr. Floyd, you dishonored yourselves.

Debbie Hilton